iWynx made a decision to add new distributors to our sales force as of April 2017. Upon review of a number of potential distributors that we looked at to align ourselves with. And with it, we would like to invite you to become a distributor / re-seller.

Feel free outlining the products we offer. iWynx has been serving the online buyer industry for quite some time and each of our products hold its own successful sales records. Not only do we offer superior quality products, but we also offer the kind of solid expertise and support that should be expected from an online provider.

Our goal is to consistently provide innovative service at a competitive rates and prices. We hope that you look favorably upon our offer of distributorship with our organization and look forward with anticipation, to developing a mutually rewarding business relationship with you, our future client. In keeping with that, we will be in contact with you to discuss this in more detail. We are open for Bulk Orders. You can speak directly to us for a marked down pricing depending on the volume of your orders.

The more we have, the better we are! Come join us and register to sell your products on iWynx. Reach out to even more – We do marketing of our website on a regular basis online to reach out to even more people and prospect buyers.

  • List your products of your choice to sell with us. Provide photos if necessary.
  • You set your own prices for each product. We set a base/wholesale price then we add markup.
  • Fulfill the order yourself or let us organize shipping and do full customer support for you provided that you will be the one to send your item/s to us on an agreed location.
  • Make Money - No listing fees, no maintenance fees, just standard commissions. Free access to our categories and marketing campaign strategies.

For inquiries regarding business partnerships / being a re-seller, please contact us by phone +65 98964202 / +63 9155013469 or email us at We suggest you to message us first prior to your call so we could properly assist you. You can also leave a message and discuss your interest at our "talk to us" section.