Order Process

All orders are normally processed 24 hours for in-stock items and 3-5 days for internationally shipped items after receipt of payment during normal working days except weekends and public holidays. For delivery and shipments, click here.


Order / Shipment / Delivery Process


Process 1 Process 2 Process 3 Process 4 Process 5 Process 6 Process 7
After placing your order, we are notified and received your order on our side. We thoroughly scan, verify and validate your personal details and chosen mode of payment. Once your order is confirmed and validated, we then forward your order to our respective supplier of your specific product. Supplier received your order from us, they themselves process and work on with your order. Supplier shipped your order to your desired mode of Shipment. Delivered to the country of destination. Need to pass through Custom check. Delivered to your doorstep by your local or partner couriers.

Thinking about ordering but still undecided?. Keep your product on Wishlist and come back to them at a later date.

We make it easy for you to come back to the items you're thinking about ordering. Simply log into your iWynx account, start browsing, and once you see items you may want to purchase in the future, ADD TO WISHLIST. Items you save in your Wishlist will be kept for (180) days. This allows you to think about items and come back to them at a later date to place your order. Access your wishlist on any computer or mobile phone by logging back into your account.